Fotsch on Film

Sunday, November 29, 2009


The brokenness of giant inequality, the properness of generosity to the poor, reveals itself to be Heironymus Bosch. The masses deservingly degrade themselves in the slop of aristocratic wealth because the lust for crumbs overwhelms easily the monstrous life of society's worms.

Phantom of Liberty

Perversion infiltrates liberty from the founding of the French nation to the current sickness legitimating the killing in Afghanistan. The search for obscenity does not find obscurity in the absence of lost children but in the absurd truth that we find in the pursuit of nothingness.

The Maid

Can the gift of love, the effort at true understanding, transform a life of suffering? Can the pattern of pain rooted in crowded loneliness--separateness amid glowing togetherness be cleansed through sisterhood healing?

All About My Mother

The theology of forgiveness, of broken flesh--
this is my body this is my blood--
the eternal recurrence of unconditionally
compassionate love.

The Last Metro

The definitive French beauty and well--let's be honest--kind of cute pug dog face fall madly in love through theater's counter fascist struggle.

The President's Analyst

The conspiratorial reality of the 1960s ultimately reduced to corporate surveillance extraordinarily prescient.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Serious Man

Kitty corner to Mount Zion Temple, the 150 year old Saint Paul congregation, meeting place for a subcultural second Minnesota world, is Kowalski's on Grand Avenue and the Short Line now called Ayd Mill Road, which used to be a Red Owl Supermarket where we would buy hamburger and Campbell's mushroom soup for Wednesday night hotdish.